CvBlobSeq Member List

This is the complete list of members for CvBlobSeq, including all inherited members.
AddBlob(CvBlob *pB)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
AddFormat(const char *str)CvBlobSeq [inline]
Clear()CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
CvBlobSeq(int BlobSize=sizeof(CvBlob))CvBlobSeq [inline]
DelBlob(int BlobIndex)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
DelBlobByID(int BlobID)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
GetBlob(int BlobIndex)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
GetBlobByID(int BlobID)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
GetBlobNum()CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
Load(CvFileStorage *fs, CvFileNode *node)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
m_pElemFormatCvBlobSeq [protected]
m_pMemCvBlobSeq [protected]
m_pSeqCvBlobSeq [protected]
Write(CvFileStorage *fs, const char *name)CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
~CvBlobSeq()CvBlobSeq [inline, virtual]
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