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Adjunct Teaching Interest Form

Adjunct Teaching Interest Form
Verification of No Conflict

Full-time Research Assistants paid from any source, including Startups, are not permitted to teach. Half-time RAs may teach one course section only. JAGA and Kessler Fellows may teach with Center Director approval. Please select the funding status that best applies to you from the below options.

Check all that apply:

I will be a full-time RA.
I will be on the department's internal Block Fellowship and confirmed with my advisor that I will not be receiving or accepting an RAship (for MacCracken-eligible students in Years 1 - 4).
I will be a JAGA and am requesting approval to teach from the Director of CCPP.
I will be a Kessler and am requesting approval to teach from the Director of CSMR. Only one section (plus grading) is permitted.
I will be a part-time Research Assistant. Only one section (plus grading) is permitted.
Other (Please specify any other fellowship or scholarship funds that permit teaching):
Unknown (Date expected to know):
I do not have other funding - teaching will be my main source of income.
Research Advisor

To alert your advisor of your interest to teach please include their name and email below. Teaching does NOT require advisor approval.

Teaching Interest
SCHEDULE (for semester applying to be adjunct)
Check to denote unavailability (enrolled courses, colloquia).

List your ranked preferences (from 1 - 3) among the following kinds of assignments, listed from most contact hours (highest paying) to least: Intro/Intermediate Physics Major Labs, General Physics Labs, Astronomy Labs, Advanced Lab Course Assistant, General Physics Course Assistant, Recitations (specify elementary, advanced, specific courses, or any), Core Labs.

Notes/Specific Courses Requested (you may also indicate you would like the highest paying available and/or that you are willing to accept courses not ranked above)::


By clicking this button the following parties will be notified to review and approve your application: Graduate and Undergraduate Administrators (Evette Ma and Bill LePage), Faculty Advisors, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Center Directors.