We are the Graduate Physics Organization for Research, Culture, and Education (G-PHORCE) at NYU. We exist to improve the graduate experience of our membership, which is comprised of all NYU physics graduate students at the NYC campus.

Founded in Fall 2019, G-PHORCE works to: facilitate communication between the membership and the physics department, represent its members to the department and the graduate school, improve department culture, ensure the department is an equitable environment that is inclusive and accessible to all, and host events to these ends.

If you would like to know more about our organization, the physics graduate program, or bring anything to our attention, please reach out to us! In particular, if you are interested in applying to NYU, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss graduate life in the physics department and answer any questions.

Charter for G-PHORCE

Downloadable version (.pdf file) can be found here.

Who we are

The G-PHORCE executive board is comprised of eight members whose roles are laid out in The Charter. Elections are held early each spring semester. Generally, the Center Representatives serve as the point people for communication with the membership, but feel free to reach out to any of us with any concerns or suggestions.

Name Position Email Address
Kate Storey-Fisher Chair
Marco Muzio Chair
Paul McNulty Director of Operations
Iraj Eshghi Department Liaison
Alexis Clavijo Treasurer
Amanda Lesar Center for Soft Matter Research (CSMR) representative
Melina Filzinger Center for Quantum Phenomena (CQP) representative
Siqing Yu Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics (CCPP) representative
Akihiro Yamaguchi Web Master

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