Romps Smite Don

by Robert Paul

I personally did not think that Alan Sokal's (An All Soaks: Soaks = hoax) paper was one bit funny. Here is an NYU Professor (Nurse roof spy = voyeur) who, from the hegemonic penthouse of the dominant, male, white, urban (urbane = ur/bane = original poison), scientific (scenic/if/it = I fit), kulchur, pretends to have mastered the Lacanian, but has instead revealed his fixation with the laconic (la/conic = phallic), viz., by setting up linguistic traffic cones in a transparent effort to keep discourse (dis/course = this course = dis = insult, denigrate = denigrate speech/the act of uttering) within straight lines by means of phallic barriers. But he should realize how readily toppled these barriers are; it is not as easy to marginalize diversity as this master of microscopes (Comes Sir Cop!) believes, even though by believing it he belies believing it through the very anti-act of belittlement which is encoded in its rhetorical, pre-gestural form of ritual denial and pre-entropic entrapment. By keeping word and world in pre-judgmental tension we can remain centered and distanced from such re-marginalizing contexts, and see them for what they are: con-texts.

Robert Paul / Physics / GSAS / NYU

-- last modified 10 June 1996