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Patrick Rieck Appointed ATLAS Tau Reconstruction and Identification Working Group Convener

Mukesh Ghimire defense thesis

Outreach program on statistics and pandemics featured in DOE Science Headlines

Cranmer moves to UW-Madison

Cranmer elected a Fellow of the APS

Ablet and Alex take on new roles

Ablet and Patrick Join!

Colleen Treado Graduates!

First results from milliQan demonstrator

Addressing Systemic Racism in Physics

NYU Hosts ML4Jets 2020

Undergraduate Joseph Corrado publishes ATLAS paper

Alexander Held Joins

NYU Hosts ATLAS Software & Computing Week

Leonora Vesterbacka Joins

Sebastian Macaluso Joins

Lukas Heinrich Graduates!


IRIS-HEP funded

Shahab Kohani graduates!

Mincer wins teaching award

REANA Released

Manfredi Ronzani joins The NYU group

Heinrich receives US ATLAS Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Heinrich receives Dean's Dissertation Award

Cranmer's Keynote at NIPS

Bernius goes to SLAC

MilliQan Letter of Intent

NYU to host ATLAS Week 2016

Catrin Bernius featured for International Women's Day

Gilles Louppe wins AIM thesis award

Catrin Bernius honored with ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Award

DIANA/HEP project funded

Ricardo Neves Graduates!

Job Opening: ATLAS Postdoc at NYU

Karthik Krishnaiyengar Graduates!

Haas Leads ATLAS Simulation Group

Mincer elected as Chair of Tenured / Tenure Track Faculty Senate Council

Cranmer takes on analysis preservation

Machine Learning for HEP

Bernius appointed to TDAQ speaker's committee

Happy Higgs Hunting

Cranmer joins HepData AB

Catrin Bernius joins NYU

Loek Graduates!

Sven Kreiss Graduates!

James Beacham Graduates!

NSF Grant

Nobel Prize Celebration

Beacham talks dark photons, open science

George Lewis Graduates!

Our spin on the Higgs discovery

Cranmer gives TEDx talk

Cranmer featured in NSF video

Cranmer joins Neil deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye

Higgs Discovery!

NSF Grant

Ben Kaplan joins NYU

RECAST goes live

Exciting Higgs Results

New result in search for dark photons

Cranmer joins INSPIRE AB

Post doc search

Andy Haas joins NYU

An ingriguing excess

Graduation Day

Mincer takes over MET trigger

Prokofiev joins NYU

Post doc search

Post doc search

New result in search for new force

LHC @ 7 TeV!

NYU receives NSF funding for computing

Akira Shibata takes his next step

LHC sets records!

First collisions!

Attila's on TV

Cranmer receives NSF Career Award

NSF Grant

Krasznahorkay joins NYU

Post doc search

NYU hosting 2009 ATLAS Physics Workshop of the Americas

Milagro result in top 10 news stories of 2008

We're featured on front page of NYU Today

LHC goes boom

Akira in the news

LHC first beam!

Allen Mincer appointed Collegiate Professor

Cranmer leading US-ATLAS Higgs

Casadei takes over MET Trigger

Cranmer wins highest honors

Cranmer joins NYU

Casadei joins NYU