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We are pleased to announce that the National Science Foundation has funded the DIANA/HEP project through the Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation program. Kyle Cranmer is Co-PI for the 4-year, 4-institute award. Jinyang Li from the NYU Computer Science Department joins the project as Senior Personell.

The primary goal of DIANA/HEP (Data Intensive ANAlysis for High Energy Physics) is developing state-of-the-art tools for experiments which acquire, reduce, and analyze petabytes of data. Improving performance, interoperability, and collaborative tools through modifications and additions to packages broadly used by the community will allow users to more fully exploit the data being acquired at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other facilities.

The project has a synergistic relationship with all three institutions involved in the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment.


  • Peter Elmer (Lead PI) - Princeton University Department of Physics

  • Kyle Cranmer (Co-PI) - New York University Department of Physics & Center for Data Science

  • Jinyang Li (Senior Personnel) - New York University Computer Science Department

  • Michael D. Sokoloff (Co-PI) - University of Cincinnati Main Campus Department of Physics

  • Brian P. Bockelman (Co-PI) - University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Advisory Board

This project is supported by National Science Foundation grants ACI-1450310, ACI-1450319, ACI-1450323, and ACI-1450377.