The Experimental Particle Physics Group at New York University is thriving!

Our primary focus is the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. We are also active in the development of next-generation analysis tools and techniques leverating machine learning and data science methodology. Our group has key roles in ATLAS and IRIS-HEP.

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In addition to our work on ATLAS, we are also key contributors to the proposed MilliQan experiment, the APEX experiment at Jefferson Lab, active in the LHC upgrade, and contribute to various new ideas in particle physics experiments.

Prior to joining ATLAS, we were long term members of the MILAGRO experiment until it came to an end and gave way to the next generation HAWC experiment, and were involved in the MECO experiment before its termination. Please have a look at our group.


The new physics department in 726 Broadway

Our new space in 726 Broadway

The new physics department in 726 Broadway