Active Jammed Systems
May 26-28 2012, New York City, USA

Bruno Andreotti
Université Paris Diderot
"Sand ripples and dunes"
Lyderic Bocquet
LPMCN, Université Lyon 1
"The (non-) equilibrium structure of active colloidal suspensions"
Elisabeth Bouchaud
Commissariat á l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives
"Bulk fingering instabilities in a soft solid and in a complex fluid"
John Brady
California Institute of Technology
"Chemical swimming"
Chase Broedersz
Princeton University
"Active stresses in fibrous networks near the edge of mechanical stability"
Andrea Cavagna
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
"Maximum entropy approach to bird flocks"
Sylvie Cohen-Addad
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
"Impact of disorder and surfactants on the relaxation dynamics of foams"
Tom Duke
London Center for Nanotechnology
"Lamellipod propulsion by a jammed mesh of growing actin filaments"
Doug Durian
University of Pennsylvania
"Unsteadiness and dynamical heterogeneities in dense granular materials"
Emmanuel Farge
Institut Curie
"Mechanotransduction in early embryogenesis and evolution: mechanisms and origins of primary invagination and endo-mesoderm differentiation in early muti-cellular epithelia."
Daniel Fletcher
University of California, Berkeley
"Coupling mechanics and biochemistry in filaments and membranes"
Yoel Forterre
Université de Provence IUSTI
"Dense granular flows as a self-activated process"
Thomas Gregor
Princeton University
"Emergence of collective behavior in developing cell populations of social amoebae"
Josef Kas
University of Leipzig
"Are fundamental changes in a cell's material properties necessary for tumor progression?"
L. Mahadevan
Harvard University
"Motion and stasis in cellular suspensions and self-propelled swarms"
Craig Maloney
Carnegie Mellon University
"Diffusion in soft particle suspensions near jamming"
Lisa Manning
Syracuse University
"Emergent mechanical behavior in embryonic tissues"
Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse University
"Jamming and phase separation of dense active matter"
David Pine
New York University
"Reversibility in sheared suspensions"
Olivier Pouliquen
Université de Provence IUSTI
"Rheology of very dense suspensions"
Cecile Sykes
Institut Curie
"Mimicking systems of cell shape changes"
Virgile Viasnoff
Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore
"Cell doublets and Janus particles"
George Whitesides
Harvard University
"Dynamic self-assembly"
Jun Zhang
New York University
"Interaction between moving structures in a fluid: drafting and inverted drafting"