Active Jammed Systems
May 26-28 2012, New York City, USA

Registration Information

AFTER you have read the following instructions, click on the button NEXT at the bottom of the page to begin the registration process.

  1. You MUST first register with ICAM (indicated as STEP 1)
  2. STEP 2: You will need to pay $300 registration fee unless you are an invited speaker.
  3. Please tell us whether you will be coming to the banquet, which costs an additional $70 (unless you are an invited speaker).
  4. Please choose the type of accommodation you would like:

    Double bedroom = two twin beds and one bathroom ($51 per bed per night)


    Quad suite = four twin beds in two separate rooms and one bathroom ($77 per bed per night)

    (see details)
  5. Please pay the total amount to the conference
  6. If you plan to present a poster at the meeting, please also submit the poster title plus a 150-word abstract.