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Andre C Adler, PhD 1995, Advisor: Ed Robinson

Sanford Aranoff, PhD 1965, Advisor: Jerome Percus, Thesis: Variational Principles of the Few Body Nucleus

John Armstrong, MS 1983

Shirley Aronson-Unger, MS 1963, Advisor: Leonard Yarmus


Thomas W Barnard, PhD 1972, Advisor: Bernard Lippman, Thesis: Ultrashort Pulse Propagation in Resonant Media, MBA 1975, University of Connecticut

Ralph H. Bartram, AB 1953, MS 1956, PhD 1960

Benjamin Bederson, PhD 1950

Cecile Burg, BS 2000

Daniel Berlin, BAE 1942

Jenny Rosenthal Bramley, MS 1927, PhD 1929 Advisor: Gregory Breit

Teresa Burns, BA 1988, PhD 1994 (Utah State University)


Richard N Cho, BS-Physics and Mathematics 2000

Ron Cowan, BS 1978


Teymour Darkhosh, PhD 1976, Advisor: Daniel Zwanziger, Thesis: Acausal Behavior of the Proca Wave Equation in a Symmetrical Tensor Field

Igor Dayen, BA 1996

Bowen C. Dees, PhD 1942, Advisor: Richard Cox

Joseph Dresner, PhD 1958



Rong Fan, PhD 2006, Advisor: George Zaslavsky, Thesis: Pseudochaos and Transport

Steven Federman, PhD 1979, Advisor: Alfred Glassgold, Thesis: A Model for Diffuse Interstellar Clouds: Improvements to the Theory of Molecular Hydrogen Photodestruction and to the Gas Phase Chemistry of Carbon-Monoxide

Robert E. Feldman, BS Engineering Physics 1959

Harold L. Flescher, BA 1961, MS 1966


John D. Gabbe, PhD 1957, Advisor: Serge Korf, Thesis: Some Measurements of Atmospheric Neutrons

Byron B. Goldstein, PhD 1967, Advisor: Alfred Glassgold, Thesis: Scatttering of Particle Beams from Plasmas

Moses Greenfield, PhD 1941

Paul T. Greninger, MS 1976

Norman Grossman, BAE 1943, MS 1948, PhD 1958, Advisor: Fritz John

Susan Grunwald, BS 2005


Jacob M. Hammer, PhD 1956, Advisor: Benjamin Bederson

Theodore J. Hanwick, PhD 1956

David L Heath, MS 1982, PhD 1985, Advisor: Jerome

Alan D. Hirschman, BA 1968

Michael Hohensee, BS 2002


Irving Itzkan, PhD 1969


Nathan Janco, BS 1932, MS 1934, Advisor: Gregory Breit


Andreas Karpf, PhD 2014, Advisor: Tycho Sleator, Thesis: Highly Sensitive Trace Gas Detection of Molecular Species with Dense, Poorly Resolved Spectra

Colonel James W. Kerr, MS 1948

Kakei M Ko, BS 2000

Carolyn Koerner (formerly Carolyn Biczel), MS 1990, Advisor: Patrick Huggins

Jong Hyun Kung, BA-Physics and Mathematics 1984


Juan F. Lam, B Sc 1972, PhD 1976, Advisor: Bernard Lippman, Thesis: Moment Theory of Self-Trapping of Light

Gregory Lapicki, Ph.D. 1975, Advisor: Werner Brandt, Thesis: Coulomb Ionization of Inner Shells by Heavy Charged Particles

Eli Lederman, PhD 1990, Advisor: Siegfried Horn

Jack Richard Leibowitz, BA 1951, Brown University, PhD 1962

Eugene Levin, PhD 1967

Patrick G Lonergan, PhD 1987

Anthony Losecco, MS 1973


Peter C. Magnante, PhD 1968, Advisor: Henry Stroke

Marvin Milewits, PhD 1979, Advisor: Samuel Williamson, Thesis: Lattice and Electronic Transport Properties of Vanadium Silicide

David Miller, BS 1971, MS 1972

Frank A Moscatelli, PhD 1980, Advisor: Henry Stroke, Thesis: The Isotope Shift and Hyperfine Structure of Neutron Deficient Lead Isotopes


Irakli Odisharia, PhD 2006, Advisor: Robert Kohn (CIMS), Thesis: Evolution Equation

Melvyn Jay Oremland, PhD 1977


Thomas Pagano, BS 1992, Informal Advisor: Martin Hoffert

Nicolae C Panoiu, PhD 2001, Advisor: George Zaslavsky

Arnold Perlmutter, MS 1951, PhD 1955



Frederick Reines, PhD 1944


Nicholas Sambelashvili, PhD 2006, Advisor: David Cai (CIMS), Thesis: Nonlinear Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems

Karl Schmidt, BS 2005

Lee W Schumann, PhD 1977

Judah L. Schwartz, PhD 1963

Lawrence Scipioni, PhD 1996, Advisor: Boris Sinkovic, Thesis: Growth and Characterization of Ultrathin Films of Iron Oxide

Rabbi Jack Segal, BA 1951

Morris Shamos, PhD 1948

Yanwen Shang, PhD 2006, Advisor: Gregory Gabadadze, Thesis: Constrained Gauge Theory, Gravity and Cosmology

William A. Shapiro, MS 1968

Clifford G. Shull, PhD 1941

Murray H. Siegel, BS 1963

Jack Singal, BS 2000

Haim Soicher, PhD 1972, Advisor: Serge Korff

Eugene W. Sucov, PhD 1958

Eugene J Surowitz, PhD 1988


Paul M. Tannenbaum, PhD 1969

Alexei Tonyushkin, PhD 2006, Advisor: Tycho Sleator, Thesis: Atom Interferometry




Max M. Weiss, PhD 1958

Richard J. Weiss, PhD 1950

Steven R. Wisotsky, BA 1967, MS 1971

Abe A Witteles, BS 1964, MS 1965, PhD 1972



Mark Yannuzzi, BA 1985


Herbert I Zagor, PhD 1943, Title: Heavy Particle Groups from the Neutron Disintegrations of Nitrogen and Neon

Gabrijela Zaharijas, PhD 2006, Advisor: Glennys Farrar, Thesis: Alternative Approaches to Dark Matter Puzzle

Robert W. Zimmerer, MS 1955, Advisor: Larry Spruch

Mariano Zimmler, BS 2004

Michael Zumoff, BA 1968, MS 1970

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