Daniel L. SteinDaniel L. Stein

Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1979

My Research

D.L. Stein: Technical Publications

[26] ``A Model for the Origin of Biological Catalysis'', D.L. Stein and P.W. Anderson, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 81, 1751 -- 1753 (1984).

[25] ``A Proposed Method for Polarizing Liquid He-3'', S.A. Langer, K. DeConde, and D.L. Stein, J. Low Temp. Phys. 57, 249 -- 263 (1984).

[24] ``NMR of Textures in Rotating He-3A'', V.Z. Vulovic, D.L. Stein, and A.L. Fetter, Phys. Rev. B 29, 6090 -- 6095 (1984).

[23] ``A Thermodynamic Model of the Lamellar (L-alpha) to Hexagonal (H-II) Phase Transition in Liquid-Water Membranes'', G. Kirk, S. Gruner, and D.L. Stein, Biochemistry 23, 1093 -- 1102 (1984).

[22] ``Broken Symmetry, Emergent Properties, Dissipative Structures, Life and Its Origin: Are They Related?'', P.W. Anderson and D.L. Stein, in Basic Notions of Condensed Matter Physics, P.W. Anderson (Benjamin-Cummings, CA, 1984), pp. 262 -- 287.

[21] ``Vortices in Rotating He-3A'', A.L. Fetter, J.A. Sauls, and D.L. Stein, Phys. Rev. B 28, 5061 -- 5074 (1983).

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