Daniel L. SteinDaniel L. Stein

Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1979

My Research
D.L. Stein: Technical Publications

[110] ``Thermally Induced Magnetic Switching in Thin Ferromagnetic Annuli'', Kirsten Martens, D.L. Stein, and A.D. Kent, in Noise in Complex Systems and Stochastic Dynamics III, L.B. Kish, K. Lindenberg, and Z. Gingl (SPIE Proceedings Series, v. 5845, 2005), pp. 1--11.

[109] ``Large Fluctuations, Classical Activation, Quantum Tunneling, and Phase Transitions'', D.L. Stein Braz. J. Phys. 35, 242 -- 252 (2005).

[108] ``Zero Temperature Dynamics of 2D and 3D Ising Ferromagnets'', P. Sundaramurthy and D.L. Stein, J. Phys. A (Mathematical and General) 38, 349--362 (2005).

[107] ``Fluctuational Instabilities of Alkali and Noble Metal Nanowires'', J. Buerki, C. Stafford, and D.L. Stein, in Noise in Complex Systems and Stochastic Dynamics II, eds. Z. Gingl, J.M. Sancho, L. Schimansky-Geier, and J. Kertesz (SPIE Proceedings Series, v. 5471, 2004), pp. 367--379.

[106] ``Critical Behavior of the Kramers Escape Rate in Asymmetric Classical Field Theories'', D.L. Stein, J. Stat. Phys. 114, 1537--1556 (2004).

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