Daniel L. SteinDaniel L. Stein

Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1979

My Research

D.L. Stein: Nontechnical Publications

[5]``The Impact of Complex Systems'', D.L. Stein, The Scientist, December 12, pp. 13 -- 14 (1988). (Invited)

[4]``All Systems Slow'', D.L. Stein, The Sciences, September/October, pp. 22 -- 29, 1988. (Invited)

[3]``A Closer Look at Reagan's `Missile Gap''', by D.L. Stein, The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 25, 1984, p. 13-A.

[2]``Electromagnetic Pulse --- The Uncertain Certainty'', by D.L. Stein, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 39, pp. 52 -- 56 (1983).

[1]``Would US Communication Systems Work in a Nuclear War?'', by D.L. Stein, The Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 17, 1982, p. 23; reprinted in Newsday, Dec. 2, 1982, p. 98.


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