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Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1979

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D.L. Stein: Research on Dynamical Systems
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We are also currently investigating spatially extended multistable systems. In such systems, the state space of the system is infinite-dimensional: it comprises much more information than the position of a single particle. Such systems are of interest to workers in both quantum field theory and condensed matter physics. Robert Maier (Mathematics, University of Arizona) and I have already developed new methods for studying systems of finite spatial extent, and are particularly interested in extending these methods to treat systems out of equilibrium. Potential applications are numerous. One of these (in collaboration with Charles Stafford and Jerome Buerki, both at the University of Arizona) is a model for the stability and decay of monovalent metallic nanowires (click here to retrieve paper). Another, in collaboration with graduate student Kirsten Martens and Andy Kent (Physics, NYU) is a treatment of magnetization switching in mesoscopic quasi-2D annuli composed of soft magnetic materials (click here to retrieve paper.

For detailed information on our research, see Technical Publications. Most of my recent publications are downloadable from this page. (To save both time and paper, the link will take you to the abstract on the cond-mat archives page. If desired, the full paper can then be downloaded from there.)

My research on these topics is partially supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. PHY-06-01179 and PHY-06-51077.

	 pattern obtained numerically by integrating a system of two
	 coupled reaction-diffusion equations in the vicinity of a Turing
	 bifurcation. From thesis of Northwestern University applied math Ph.D. Stephen Judd

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