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Research and Undergraduate Physics Majors

The research university presents undergraduates with the chance to learn by collaborating on research projects with faculty. This learning experience is centered on the creation of new knowledge and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. This might take different forms depending on the kind of research and the field you study. Many undergraduates participate in research.

NYU Abu Dhabi Students Work in NYU Physics Lab

Xiao-Hua Liu spent Summer 2012 working with Prof. Jun Zhang on simulations of diffusion of self-propelled nanorods.

Paige Hasebe spent Summer 2012 working in the laboratory of Prof. David Grier.

Bronx High School of Science Student's Work in NYU Physics Lab Recognized

Steve Shen a high school student from Bronx Science who worked in the lab of Prof. Andrew Kent for 3 years (Fall 2009-Spring 2012). He worked on "Magnetic Force Microscopy Studies of Ferromagnetic Thin Films with Stripe Domains" and received 3rd place Award for Physics at the New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF) & 2nd in Physics in Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS). He just started at NYU in the Fall 2012 semester.

NYU Physics Major Receives Leadership Award

Abigail Polin has been recognized as one of the SPS Leadership Scholarship Awardees for 2012 by the National Society of Physics Students of the American Institute of Physics.

NYU Abu Dhabi Students Visiting NYU Physics Department

For Summer 2012 we are pleased to host the following students from NYU Abu Dhabi:
  • Sumit Dahal
  • Adam Dolan
  • Paige Hasebe
  • Ben Higgins
  • Usama Hussain
  • Jeffrey Mei
  • Seungman Oh
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Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

You can learn more about the conference by going to

Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund

The College of Arts and Science is very interested in fostering undergraduate participation in research. Monetary support is available through the Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund (, which provides grants ranging from $250 to $1,000.

Since the 2007-08 academic year, the following Physics majors have been awarded DURF grants:
  • Adrian Vatchinsky
  • David Mykytyn
  • Jakob Gollwitzer
  • Mohamad Saleh
  • Abigail Polin
  • Bezia Laderman
  • Christopher Peel
  • Joyce Laine
  • Aukosh Jagannath
  • Jesse Amato-Grill
  • Bernard Beckerman
  • Patrick Maffucci
  • Emma Storm
  • Annie Weathers
  • Lisa Tran
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Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

You can learn more about the conference by going to

39th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference,
Friday, April 12, 2013

New York University College of Arts and Science 38th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

Poster Winner:
  • Jakob Gollwitzer for his poster "Magnetization Reversal in Co/Pt Thin Films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy"

38th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference,
Friday, April 13, 2012

New York University College of Arts and Science 38th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

Panel Winners:

  • Bezia Laderman
  • Christopher Peel
  • Abigail Polin
  • Lisa Tran
Poster Winners:
  • Mark Korpics
  • Kelvin Rodriguez

37th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference,
Friday, April 15, 2011

36th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference,
Friday, April 16, 2010

Undergraduate Research Conference Prize Winners from the Physics Department: Jesse Amato-Grill, Elisabeth Shanblatt, and Annie Weathers.

Publications by Faculty and Undergraduate Student Collaborations

The following is a partial list of publications produced with collaborations between Physics Department faculty and undergraduate students.

1. "Measuring Boltzmann's constant through holographic video microscopy of a single colloidal sphere", Bhaskar Jyoti Krishnatreya, Arielle Colen-Landy, Paige Hasebe, Breanna A. Bell, Jasmine R. Jones, Anderson Sunda-Meya, and David G. Grier, American Journal of Physics 82, 23 (2014).

2. "Living Crystals of Light-Activated Colloidal Surfers", Jeremie Palacci, Stefano Sacanna, A. S. Steinberg, David J. Pine and Paul M. Chaikin, Science 339, 936 - 940 (2013).

3. "Shaping colloids for self-assembly", Stefano Sacanna, Mark Korpics, Kelvin Rodriguez, Laura Colón-Meléndez, Seung-Hyun Kim, David J. Pine and Gi-Ra Yi, Nature Communications 4, 1688 (2013).

4. "No Flares from Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Blast Waves Encountering Sudden Circumburst Density Change", I. Gat, H. van Eerten, A. MacFadyen, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 773, Issue 1, article id. 2, 17 pp. (2013)

5. "Domain-domain interactions in Filamin A (16-23) impose a hierarchy of unfolding forces,", Biophys. J., 104, 9, 2022 - 2230 (2013) T. Xu, H. Lannon, S. Wolf, F. Nakamura, J. Brujic

6. "Intrinsic Stability of a body hovering in an oscillating airflow,", Physical Review Letters, 108, 068103 (2012) Bin Liu, Leif Ristroph, Annie Weathers, Stephen Childress and Jun Zhang

7. "Extended and knotted optical traps in three dimensions,", E. R. Shanblatt and D. G. Grier, Optics Express 19, 5833-5838 (2011)

8. "Hovering of a rigid pyramid in an oscillatory airflow,", Journal of Fluid Mechanics 650, 415 (2010) Annie Weathers, Brendan Folie, Bin Liu, Stephen Childress and Jun Zhang

9. Huggins, P. J., Lott, A. D., & Greenfield, B. L., The shapes of planetary nebula halos, 2010, American Astronomical Society, 215, 454.23,

10. Price-Whelan, A. M. & Hogg, D. W., What bandwidth do I need for my image?, 2010, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific accepted, (arXiv:0910.2375).

11. Flow visualization and flow cytometry with holographic video microscopy,, F. C. Cheong, B. Sun, R. Dreyfus, J. Amato-Grill, K. Xiao, L. Dixon and D. G. Grier, Optics Express 17, 13071-13079 (2009).

12. Huggins, P. J., Mauron, N., & Wirth, E. A., The shapes of asymptotic giant branch envelopes as probes of binary companions, 2009, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 396, 1805,

13. Optical forces arising from phase gradients, Y. Roichman, B. Sun, Y. Roichman, J. Amato-Grill and D. G. Grier, Physical Review Letters 100, 013602 (2008).

14. "Standing surface waves on a semi-toroidal water ring,", Physics of Fluids 19, 058105 (2007) S. Jung, E. Kim, M. Shelley and J. Zhang

15. Performance of optical traps with geometric aberrations <>, Y. Roichman, A. S. Waldron, E. Gardel and D. G. Grier, Applied Optics 45, 3425-3429 (2006). Note: Alex Waldron and Emily Gardel were REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) students.

16. Quintero, A. D., Berlind, A. A., Blanton, M. R., & Hogg, D. W., 2006, The asymmetric relations among galaxy color, structure, and environment, arXiv:astro-ph/0611361.

17. Hogg, D. W., Masjedi, M., Berlind, A. A., Blanton, M. R., Quintero, A. D., & Brinkmann, J., 2006, What triggers galaxy transformations? The environments of post-starburst galaxies, Astrophys. J. 650 763--769 DOI: 10.1086/507172.

18. "The dynamics of a flexible loop in a quasi-2D flow,", Physics of Fluids 18, 091112 (2006) K. Mareck, S. Jung, M. Shelley and J. Zhang

19. "Dynamics of a deformable body in a fast flowing soap flow,", Physical Review Letters, 97, 134502 (2006) S. Jung, K. Mareck, M. Shelley and J. Zhang

20. Willman, B., Blanton, M. R., West, A. A., Dalcanton, J. J, Hogg, D. W., Schneider, D. P., Wherry, N., Yanny, B., & Brinkmann, J., 2005, A new Milky Way companion: Unusual globular cluster or extreme dwarf satellite?, Astron. J. 129 2692--2700 DOI: 10.1086/430214.

21. Hogg, D. W., Tremonti, C. A., Blanton, M. R., Finkbeiner, D. P., Padmanabhan, N., Quintero, A. D., Schlegel, D. J., & Wherry, N., 2005, Mid-infrared and visible photometry of galaxies: Anomalously low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission from low-luminosity galaxies, Astrophys. J. 624 162-167 DOI: 10.1086/429686.

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