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PRL cover on inverted drafting.
Physical Review Letters, 101, 194502 (2008)

PRL cover on focused force transmission
through cornstarch suspension.
Physical Review Letters, 105, 188301 (2010)

Artwork for a recent review on flexible
structures and flapping flags in fluids.
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 43, 449-465 (2011)

Book cover by Lautrup, photo by Teis
Schnipper and Jun Zhang.

Magazine cover for Math Horizons (2013
Nov.), photo by J.-Q. Zhong and J. Zhang.
Physics of Fluids, 17,115105 (2005)

Cover for journal Soft Matter
Illustration by Yan-Peng Liu based on the
work by M.S.D. Wykes et al.
Soft Matter, 13, 4681 (2017)

Courant Institute Poster
photo by J.-Q. Zhong and J. Zhang.
Physical Review E, 75, 055301(R), (2007)

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