Statistical Physics of Disordered Systems:
A Celebration in Honor of Dan Stein's 60th Birthday


Phil Anderson
Princeton University

Remarks on Supersolidity

Louis-Pierre Arguin
University of Montreal

The Mathematics of Short-range Spin Glasses: Some Proofs and (Many) Open Problems

Robert Austin
Princeton University

The Joys of Being Young and Doomed at Princeton

Gerard Ben-Arous
New York University

Randomly Trapped Random Walks

Pierluigi Contucci
University of Bologna

Quenched Diluted Models with Hardcore Interactions

Michael Damron
Indiana University

Broken Ergodicity and Invasion Percolation

Charles Doering
University of Michigan

Features of Fast Living: On the Weak Selection for Longevity in Degenerate Birth-Death Processes

Mark Dykman
Michigan State University

Fragility of the Rates of Rare Events

Daniel Fisher
Stanford University

Randomness and Evolutionary Dynamics

Alan Middleton
Syracuse University

Which Measures of Spin Glass Overlaps are Informative? Reports from Flatland

Mike Moore
University of Manchester

The Almeida-Thouless Line in Spin Glasses

Tom Rosenbaum
University of Chicago

Quantum Spin Glasses

James Sauls
Northwestern University

Chiral Superfluid Order in an Anisotropic Glass

Charles Stafford
University of Arizona

Probing Maxwell's Demon with a Nanoscale Thermometer

Marija Vucelja
New York University

Insights from Spin-Glasses in Population Genetics: Emergence of Clones in Populations